Outpatient Therapy


Should you need rehabilitation therapy after surgery, illness or injury, but do not require a stay in our skilled nursing facility, we offer innovative outpatient therapy by the same skilled therapists from Achieve Solutions, and in the same Therapy Center that is filled with the equipment you will need for a successful recovery. 


Often we have residents who stay with us at Grand View Care Center for a short time during their recuperation and while they receive inhouse therapy services.  Then, when feeling up to it, they return to their home and they are able to receive continued therapy services through our outpatient services.


Darby Vehrenkamp is one of these people.  She resided at Grand View while recovering and receiving therapy after knee replacement surgery.  Then, once she was able to return to her home, she continued her therapy through our outpatient services for a couple more weeks.  Darby is now as member of our Fitness Center.


We are here to help you, whatever your circumstances!

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