Grand View Fitness Center

Grand View is committed to the health and wellbeing of its residents, staff, and the community.  In keeping with its mission, Grand View contracted the therapy services of Achieve Solutions in 2006 and, in 2008, constructed a wing specifically designed to house these therapy services for the residents of the facility and members of the community.  With the highly credentialed licensed therapists of Achieve Solutions and our state of the art facility, we have quickly established a reputation for providing exceptional therapy services. This addition also houses a fully equipped fitness center available to the public.


Our Fitness Center is filled with machines and equipment to help you get back in shape or just be a healthier you!  A very affordable membership is required.   Click here for more detailed information.


Outpatient Therapy Services are offered to anyone who needs therapy, but wants to remain in their home.  Instead of travelling miles to receive physical, occupational or speech therapy, you can receive these services right here in Grand View’s Therapy wing, by the therapists from Achieve Solutions.  Click here for more information.


If you need a place to stay for a short time while recuperating and receiving therapy, Grand View Care Center will provide you with nursing and support care, as well as inhouse therapy by the therapists of Achieve Solutions.  When you are ready to return to your home, therapy can be continued, if needed, on an outpatient basis right here at Grand View.   Click here for more information.


If you are looking for long term care in one of the finest nursing facilities in the area, Grand View Care Center is the place for you.  Our therapy services are offered to as needed at any time throughout your stay.  The fitness center, as well as fitness equipment in several areas throughout the facility is also available to you.  We have full time restorative staff to keep you moving, exercising, and as independent as possible.  Click here for more information.


All therapies provided at Grand View Care Center are performed under a physician’s order.  The treatments provided are based upon individual’s performance during an evaluation and each person is progressed based upon his/her abilities.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Achieve Therapy or Grand View Care Center.  We would love to assist with your therapy and fitness needs.  Call us at 608-989-2511 or email and mention therapy services or fitness center in the subject line.

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